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Johnny O’Keefe was Australia’s first rock rebel.  There at the dawn of rock and roll music in the 1950’s, O’Keefe blazed a massive trail.  Labelled ‘the Australian Elvis’, his wild ways cemented his place in local history.  Australia loves a naughty larrikin, of which O’Keefe certainly was.  His sometimes reckless behaviour eventually saw his career become derailed, but not from the hearts of fans.

Arts 10.0

From a young girl on the mountain-sides of Peru to a Beverly Hills recluse, Peruvian songbird, Yma Sumac, is introduced to the audience through famed Australian singer, Ali McGregor.

Arts 6.0

Mark Holden has had a long and chequered career, which he talks about in this wander down memory lane, but his focus seems to be more on family and his circus roots. He is the descendant of a long line of big top performers from the Holden Bros Circus and he feels it is still in his blood, and his family.

Breaking Andres Koppel

Director and screenwriter, Andres Koppel, has spent most of his film and television career as a writer. But 2017 saw him make his feature directorial debut with Mist and the Maiden.

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