Car Review: Toyota 86 Limited Edition – Something’s missing


Toyota Australia says it has only 62 of its 2017 86 Limited Edition models to part with, but I think they’re hiding something…. In fact I think they must be hiding 24 somethings.

From a marketing perspective it makes little sense to not have 86 of the top spec GTS 86 models, right?

But I was told as the keys to this brilliant Solar Orange metallic painted limited-run model were handed to me that it’s one of only 62 and, as such, to enjoy it with an element of care.

It was only after I’d been in it for a week and I was reluctantly handing the keys back, that I came up with my theory that the 24 “missing” bright orange babies are in the garages of Toyota execs who, like me, reckon the 86 Limited Edition at $41,490 is a tough ride to resist.

Not only does the eye-catching orange paint job paint distinguish the limited-run model from the pack, there’s a metallic black rear spoiler and door mirrors, and the fact that this ride comes with manual transmission only.

Featuring 17-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels, Brembo ventilated brake discs, Sachs performance dampers, leather-accented front sports seats designed to readily convert this cockpit from street car to a weekend track option.

There’s orange stitching throughout, on the steering wheel, door trims, gear knob and handbrake and the suede-like Grandlux dash also is embossed with an orange coloured 86 logo for further limited styling.

A 4.2-inch multifunction driver’s display and 6.1-inch infotainment system with sat nav and Toyota Link2 connected apps, along with dual zone climate control gets the jobs inside done, while getting in and started is made easy with keyless entry and start.

The 86 Limited Edition gets the same 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated boxer engine as its siblings, with drive sent to the rear wheels by a six-speed manual trans. It produces 152kW at 7000rpm and 212Nm at 6400rpm.

It makes for a lot of fun without being stupidly powerful. You can spend a good session of sporty, precision driving in relative comfort and without that feeling that you’ve done a day long session in a go-kart track even though you’ve just been to the corner shops.

And, if you’re that way inclined, drop the back seats flat, pack your racing rubber in the back with ease and take off to the track. Everything about the 86 Limited Edition is done with such versatility in mind, right down to the contoured driver’s head rest, which can be turned around to accommodate a helmet wearing steerer.

Given this 86 can go from road car to racer in a flash, maybe, just maybe those 24 “missing” cars are sitting in a shed together and getting readied for a new race series.

One can dream!


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Bryan Littlely is a former South Australian-based motoring editor and motorsport enthusiast. In addition to being a very proud South Australian, he is a gun at garage sales and keen hobbyist writer. He, possibly thankfully, is not paid for his editorial contributions to Glam Adelaide.

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