Car Review: Jaguar F-PACE – There’s plenty to like


It’s not a Bodyrocker by any means, but damn the Jaguar F-Pace has a body that rocks!

I like the way it likes my touch.

I like the way it makes people stare so much.

But most of all…. Yeah… most of all.

I like the way it moves!!!

Here’s the kind of car a non-Wheels magazine-reading car guy can really appreciate.

The Jaguar F-Pace could drive like a lump of seaweed on roller skates and I would have still love it just on looks.

But it doesn’t. It rolls, rides and performs as slick and spectacularly as it looks.

The big-mouthed unmistakably-Jag grille and blend of sports car and SUV styling from front to back is stunning and inspiring.

Behind the wheel and I was instantly taken by the bulging bonnet. If what lay beneath that statement styling lived up to half the expectations I had for it, it was going to be a FFFFFreakin’ good thing.

The SUV may confuse a few… Jag makes sports cars not SUVs after all.

Bryan Littlely liked what he saw of the F-PACE.

But there’s plenty of Jag in this brilliant bus. First blinded by the dazzling blue exterior paint, I’m instantly reminded that I’m stepping into a luxury package by the crisp white leather wrapped seats… I’m just not sure if it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing or a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

The heated seats, and steering wheel, suggest it is a very cuddly, warm sheep inside. The crazy 20 inch alloys and slick low profiles cry wolf!

While we had the S model, with a 2.0-Litre turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel, I have little doubt there would be any complaint from anything across this impressive range.

The F-PACE is unmistakable on the road. Its exterior design emphasises the muscular proportions of F-PACE to create a form that is every bit as dynamic as its drive, Red brake calipers and unique S badging leave you in no doubt that this is an SUV with power at its heart.

And while I’m not a Wheels Mag-reading kinda car guy, I’m happy to give you the stats for the fabulours F-PACE.

Our diesel S model does the sprint from 0-100km/h in 8.5 second with 132kW of power and 430Nm of torque and a top speed of 208km/h, while the 3.0-litre model has a mind boggling 221kW of power 700Nm of torque —- yes 700 – and a top speed of 241km/h.

Put simply. I LIKE


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Bryan Littlely is a former South Australian-based motoring editor and motorsport enthusiast. In addition to being a very proud South Australian, he is a gun at garage sales and keen hobbyist writer. He, possibly thankfully, is not paid for his editorial contributions to Glam Adelaide.

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