Cabaret Fringe Review: The Expert at the Card Table – How to Cheat at Cards


Presented by Jden Redden
Reviewed 2 June 2018

Lets get two things straight, this guy is an expert card player and yes he does show his audience how to cheat at cards, although I am sure it would take a lot of practice to even attempt.

Sitting at a round table with some of the audience, Jden Redden has an easy manner and quickly demonstrates some of the most common moves; shuffling to place cards, dealing from the second card or the bottom of the deck. He shows each move carefully and then expertly dazzles with his fast moves.

Jden also manipulates the decks flicking cards back and forth, losing the crowd along the way. Then he starts dealing hands and predicting which hand will win, asking audience members to chose which hand they want to win and making it so!

I have seen card tricks before but this had me completely entertained. I thoroughly recommend this show and the finish is almost unbelievable.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Rating: 5/5

Venue: La Boheme
Season:  2, 9-10,16-17 June 2018
Duration: 60min
Tickets:  $15


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