Cabaret Festival Review: Sven Ratzke – Homme Fatale


Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre
Reviewed 21 June 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, he’s back! The saucy European cabaret star, Sven Ratzke, returns to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival to present audiences with the many mischievous pleasures of his new show, Homme Fatale.

Sven Ratzke isn’t just a man – he’s an elegant man and he’s a fragile man. He’s a man that dazzles audiences with his outrageous dance moves and smooth vocals as he performs not only covers of the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, but also creative original hits.

Ratzke confidently strolls out on stage with large, blonde hair reminiscent of Rod Stewart, a saunter like Beyoncé and the androgyny of David Bowie, setting the audience up for a night of flirty fun.

In Homme Fatale, Ratzke takes the audience on a journey of his re-incarnations through varying lives around the world. From lying in a warm, lavender filled bath one moment, to finding himself as a friendly pimp in a Parisian nightclub the next, Ratzke embraces his many roles through song and humour as the audience voyeuristically watches on. Ratzke even delivers educational (yet still entertaining) lessons about Greek mythology and the Gods, as well as Angels and Demons.

Dressed in his elegant Thierry Mugler cape and high heeled boots while also stripping down to a tight red bralette and long, black, cut-out gloves, Ratzke saunters around the stage, poking fun at the audience and Adelaide as well as other European countries. The next minute he’s burst into song and is swinging his hips in one of his many energetic dance routines.

Part of Ratzke’s humour is his playfulness when acting out impersonations, including a mocking strong (and hard to understand) French accent, and the stubbornness of the German people. He loves to interact with (and at times playfully mock) his Adelaide audience and we love him so much that we’re happy to take his playful pokes lightly.

Sven Ratzke is a staple in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and for good reason, providing his audiences with playful humour, wild dance moves and a flirtatious show that everyone will enjoy.

Reviewed by Georgina Smerd
Twitter: @Georgie_xox

Rating out of 5: 4

Venue: The Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, 5000
Season: 21 – 23 June
Duration: 75 mins
Tickets: $42 – $57


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