Book Review: How to Say I Love You in Five Languages, by Kenard Pak


Aimed at littlies over the age of three, this book has choke hazard warnings on the back.

It has good clear vocals on the buttons provided on the side bar and simple but quite small text on each of the five pages. The choice to use cardboard pages and the size of the text is an interesting one, as is the inclusion of several phrases, translated into English, but not included in the vocal recordings.

This book aims to teach how to say, “I Love You”, in Spanish, English, Mandarin, French and Japanese. It will achieve this if the child does not become bored before they remember the words.

The illustrations are colourful and stylised. If the adult reading takes the time, the child may also learn how to say “Hello” in each language too.

A good idea, but I would not pay nearly $20 for it.

Reviewed by Leanne Caune

Rating out of 10:  4

Released by: Quarto Group UK and distributed through Allen & Unwin
Released: January 2018
RRP: $18.99 at Dymocks


A good idea, but overpriced for what it is. It has good clear vocals and should achieve its aim if the child does not become bored before they remember the words

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