BBQ Gurus Get Smoking With This New Range Of Local Meats


Adelaide BBQ and meat smoking enthusiasts get ready to heat up your Webers, Drake’s Supermarkets have launched a specific range of meats ready to chuck in the smoker and cook real low & slow.

The new Charcoal Slow Cook Range of meats available exclusively at Drake’s supermarkets to help out the backyard BBQ gurus of Adelaide.

Tim Cartwright, Drake Foodland’s National Manager for Fresh Food, was originally a butcher by trade, and the new range is close to his heart.

“Over the last few years, supermarkets have simply gone for basic cuts of meat at the lowest price. Along with a reduction of the number of young butchers entering the trade, it’s getting harder and harder to avoid just off-the-shelf supermarket meat”

Drake’s response was to work with the supply chain and the resulting range of meats is aimed at slow cooking, smoking or even pressure cooking. There is even special packaging that allows the meats to age in the pack with a very conservative 21-day shelf life.

We’ll get into the meat cuts later, but first, a quick look inside the brand new Wayville Foodland.

It’s a smaller footprint supermarket with a very different feel from the instore popcorn machine inside the front door to the kombucha on tap. There’s no doubt it’s a supermarket aimed at Foodies who don’t like supermarkets.

And oh, the meat cuts! The real point of all this! Well BBQ heroes, get ready to be delighted,

First up there’s an amazing pork belly ready for the charcoals. As we found out first hand, this works amazingly as Pork Belly Burnt End Tacos or even Korean style pulled-pork sliders.

Of course, it can’t all be pork belly, or else what’s the point? Get out the smoker and get ready for some deep south style BBQ with some Tennessee style dry rubbed rib and a Texas Style brisket! Pair that brisket with some truffled mac & cheese and you’ve got yourself the perfect winter dinner!

Best not to forget the national meat of Australia. They say we were a nation built on it, and the lamb shoulder cut is definitely something to celebrate that history.

We could continue to tell you all about this amazing range of slow cooker meats but final comment on the range, though, must go to barbecuing superstar Chef Kaneo Boase from Adelaide’s own Up In Smoke BBQ Competition, who put it this simply: “Sometimes, you just want to grab a quality hunk of meat and slow-cook it”.


So if you’re a Low & Slow enthusiast, we’ve found the place for you! Hit up your local Drakes Foodland for some of the most delicious cuts specially prepared for that smoker you’ve got waiting in the backyard!


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