Award-Winning Jeweller To Host Pop-Up Jewellery-Making Demo In Rundle Mall


We’ll be the first to admit that we’re not experts on a lot of things, but luckily, there are people around Adelaide who know what they’re talking about and regularly bestow their knowledge upon us. Whether that’s what South Australian wine to pair with what South Australian cheese, how to conquer a marathon, the perfect way to nail your Valentine’s Day proposal, how to match your wine with your seafood, or how to make beautiful, long-lasting jewellery, the people of Adelaide know their stuff.

For the latter, we thankfully have EverettBrookes Jewellers to show us how it’s done at their all-day jewellery making demonstration in Rundle Mall under the Gawler Place canopy. Yes, they literally mean all-day; they’ll be there from 9am to 9pm, hammering, sawing and filing their way late into the night. The Friday 27 October event will be lead by their Executive Jewellers, who will be demonstrating how they hand-make their engagement and wedding rings.

Get transported back to many centuries ago when these jewelling techniques were first developed as the jewellers hand make the rings using traditional tools. Watch as their experienced jewellers take a bar of gold and roll, file, hammer and saw it into the shape of a ring, almost as if their hands are magic (we cannot confirm nor deny this is the case). You can even hand make the ring yourself (although not during this demonstration).

Handmade jewellery is the exception rather than the rule these days, with many retailers opting to make their rings from casts overseas. Whilst EverettBrookes can supply cast rings too. their preference and reputation is built on their unique hand made rings. Cast rings can look similar to handmade rings, however the quality of the ring is lessened and it means there are potentially thousands exact replicas of your ring out there. Casting kinda takes the romance out of it a little bit, doesn’t it?

This is a rare opportunity for the everyday punter to understand the almost mystical process of hand making rings. If you’ve ever wondered about how rings are made or have questions about the different metals, how to clean your rings or what is rhodium plating, there’ll be plenty of staff on hand who will be more than happy to answer all your questions. Can’t make it to the event? Then visit their brand new website which is also being unveiled on the 27th. It promises many new features not seen before in Adelaide, we’re not sure what but it sounds promising. Be sure to check it out to learn more about their unique jewellery and the unique experience they offer.


All Day Jewellery Making Demonstration with EverettBrookes
Where: Gawler Place canopy, Rundle Mall
When: Friday 27 October, 9am – 9pm


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