Author Tracey Korsten

Tracey Korsten is a freelance writer, poet, speaker and performer, based in Adelaide. She blogs at middleagedlove.

Breaking Andres Koppel

Director and screenwriter, Andres Koppel, has spent most of his film and television career as a writer. But 2017 saw him make his feature directorial debut with Mist and the Maiden.

Breaking Phil Grabsky filming David Hockney

This is a work for lovers of Hockney, of art in general and of good documentaries. It is an astonishingly engaging piece of film.


Premiered in 1973, A Little Night Music is still regarded by many as the jewel in Stephen Sondheim’s considerable crown. Based loosely on Bergman’s classic Smiles of a Summer Night, this musical follows the complicated love lives of bourgeois Swedes at the turn of the 20th century.

Breaking The Tribe

The Spanish Film Festival opens this Thursday 26th, at Palace Nova Eastend, with a screening of the dance-comedy hit The Tribe, followed by an after-party complete with wine, tapas and entertainment.

Breaking Woody Harrelson in LBJ 8.0

Reiner has directed a work which is neither a tedious history lesson, nor a hagiography. This is first-and-foremost a totally engaging piece of film-making.

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