Author Tracey Korsten

Tracey Korsten is a freelance writer, poet, speaker and performer, based in Adelaide. She blogs at middleagedlove.

Breaking Saoirse Ronan and Lucas Hedges in Lady Bird 10.0

This is a beautiful, beautiful film.  It is humorous, and gently dramatic, and real, and moving, and important. It will stay with you for days, weeks, the rest of your life. It is a testament to the power of cinematic under-statement.


A single, female, psychiatrist, has just returned home to her small house in Randall Canyon, in the Hollywood hills. She locks up behind her, as a psychopath is roaming the Canyon, not killing women, but rendering them lobotomized and paralyzed.

Breaking doug jones and sally hawkins in the shape of water 10.0

Every scene is beautiful in its own way; every emotion is authentic; the eroticism is pitched at exactly the right level; there is not a missed beat in the entire film.

Breaking andrew garfield and claire foy in breathe 9.0

The inspirational true-story of Robin and Diana Cavendish is a star-turn for both Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy, under Andy Serkis’s directorial baton.

Breaking Francois Damiens and Alice de Lencquesaing in just to be sure 9.0

What seems like a complicated, soap-operesque plot, unfolds in a surprisingly organic manner, due to the outstanding script. Every character is intelligently drawn and played with subtlety and respect by this superb ensemble of actors.

Breaking matt damon in downsizing 9.0

At once funny, confronting, depressing and oddly optimistic, this is neither a Jeremiad for the planet, nor an apologia for humanity. It is intelligent film-making which leaves the audience to create their own curriculum from the art.

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