Author Jan Kershaw


Director Robert Kimber has said the theme of the play can be encapsulated in the idea of ‘moving on’ but at the same time we can never know where the next journey may take us. Time is of the essence in the play as is the existential question of time being seen subjectively by each of us.

Books & Literature 9.0

Award-winning author, social commentator, and political activist, Barbara Ehrenreich, investigates how ‘wellness’ has replaced ‘health’ (ie not being sick), persuading us that we need to have regular check-ups and tests in spite of little or no scientific evidence to show there are any real benefits.

Books & Literature 5.0

The size of people in the ‘Lifeanddeathworld’, written as one word, is dependent on how much money they have. To move from being the size of rats, the ‘littlepoor’ people need to accumulate ‘munmun’ which will allow them to Scale Up – perhaps becoming ‘middlepoor’.

Arts 10.0

This world premiere production is fabulous and so, so relevant in today’s uncertain world. Satomi Ohnishi plays drums while Quincy Grant, Gareth Chin, Cameron Goodall and Leah Flanagan make some great rock music playing some 12 different instruments between them with Goodall and Flanagan also belting out some brilliant original songs.

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