Author Georgina Smerd

Georgina is a Media student majoring in journalism at the University of Adelaide, and has a keen interest in the arts, culture, fashion, food and people. She hopes her passion and enthusiasm about the Adelaide scene will influence others to make the most of what Adelaide has to offer!

Arts 9.0

Meet Carmen Frida Leon Davidovich – the fictional love child of the famed Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo and Russian revolutionary and Communist, Leon Trotsky. She is sensual, intelligent, audacious and wry, and she is also intersex, having been born with both male and female genitalia.

Arts 10.0

From a young girl on the mountain-sides of Peru to a Beverly Hills recluse, Peruvian songbird, Yma Sumac, is introduced to the audience through famed Australian singer, Ali McGregor.


A pair of teenage friends attempt to live in the reality of their small country town disintegrating around them in an uncertain journey between reality and fantasy.

Breaking A Quiet Place 8.0

A Quiet Place provides its audience with an intense and anxiety-provoking ride through a terrifying, monster-ridden reality where silence is not only golden, but life-saving.

Adelaide Fringe 8.0

Local comedian and actress, Lucy Gransbury, takes the audience on a humorous journey deep into the depths of her mental health as the somewhat taboo subject of anxiety takes centre stage in this one-woman comedy show.

Adelaide Festival

All the way from Belgium comes a show that presents the audience with an unusual perspective on the horrific act of terrorism, allowing for a childlike interpretation of what strikes fear and horror into the minds of most adults.

Adelaide Fringe 7.0

Roll up for an entertaining and amusing circus all the way from Ireland that provides gasp-worthy acrobatics, laugh-out-loud humour and an interesting take on the theme of circus acts and physical theatre.

Adelaide Fringe 6.0

Adopted into a family of beautiful swans, Duckie doesn’t quite belong, and after being tossed out onto the street she has to rely on her strength and perseverance to achieve her bold ambitions of grandeur.

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