FIRST LOOK: Azzurro’s Fresh Art Bathrooms In Hahndorf!


Seeing the work of local artist and international designer Azzurro is always something else. Among his most notable works are his murals at Adelaide’s Central Market Arcade, SkyCity Casino, Holiday Inn Express and Clink Hostels. And now a bathroom.

We know what you’re thinking, surely a bathroom mural couldn’t live up to the level of groovy elegance that  Azzurro’s work exudes. But it does. And we have the first look.

The art mural can be found in the Seasonal Garden Cafe up in Hahndorf. This cafe focusses on locally sourced, easy but nutritious eating and has grown to become a must-see hot destination in Hahndorf.

“The artworks are inspired by Silvia’s magnificent produce garden outside bursting with fruit, veggies, and a kaleidoscope of flowers attracting people from all walks of life as well as a beautiful family of parrots, Maggies, lorikeets, butterflies and bees,” says Azzurro.

“The premise behind this art piece is that strange and wonderful experiences are waiting out there to catch you by surprise once you go looking for them,” he continues.

The second bathroom is coming in March and then it will be time for Azzuro to get his first solo exhibition happening. So watch this space. Azzurro’s art is phenomenal, and we think he is going to be around for a while.


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