Anya Anastasia Delivers Double Trouble At 2018 Adelaide Fringe


Australia’s international queen of cabaret, diva of dramatic, and chanteuse of Festival glamour returns to the 2018 Adelaide Fringe with TWO shows that will have crowds hysterical, and will leave audiences mystified with admiration by the sensational spectacle that is Anya Anastasia.

Winner of the Best of the Fringe Adelaide Advertiser 2017 Award, Edinburgh Award recipient in Adelaide Fringe 2017, “The Voice” Pick of the Edinburgh Fringe Award, The 2016 Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award for Best Cabaret …we could go on… Anya Anastasia returns to the Adelaide Fringe with her sensational sell out show.

A feisty songstress fuelled by a lust for revenge while backed by her kick-ass all female, all dominating band featuring London’s own Laurie Black on electric piano, Adelaide’s self confessed ‘band whore’ Annie Siegmann on bass and New Zealand gal residing in Melbourne Rachel Trainor on drums, Rogue Romantic is a seductive and exhilarating night of music, theatre and fun.

A night filled with electrifying twists, hilarious physical comedy and intense audience interaction in the most intimate sense, as onlookers experience the thrill of this extravagant glamorous and off-kilter diva right in their very laps (literally)!

Photo by Gee Greenslade

In its World Premiere, The Executioners is the cutting-edge, and tongue in cheek, provocative cabaret from the internationally celebrated Anya Anastasia. The Executioners cuts cleverly close to the bone as Anya indulges and dismembers the nations political and social current affairs.

This hard-hitting show articulates the social discomfort and disconnect that has taken over the 21st century, tackling society’s suckling dependence on technology, social media, and the current political landscape, in Anya’s very personalized and direct, no holding back approach.

“Wearing your politics on your sleeve is scarier than taking your clothes off in front of people, and it’s more controversial” Said Anya Anastasia

“This show is a thrilling new vehicle for me- I’m using my craft to provoke the conversations I want the world to be having Broadcast through tight choreography, lighting effects and interwoven soundscapes, The Executioners is laying naked the truth about technological overindulgence and the sensory overload in daily life, and trying to combat the sense of helplessness in the face of big issues.”

Razor-sharp, ruthless, and accomplished with thrilling precision, this multi-disciplinary contemporary cabaret is driven by the urgent political agenda of several highly skilled and socially aware individuals. Written and performed by internationally acclaimed award-winning cabaret chanteuse and rabble-rouser Anya Anastasia, and her partner in crime Gareth Chin.

THE LAB – MARCH 8 to 12
Details & tickets: **WORLD PREMIERE**

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