A Boozy Ball-Pit Party For Adults Is Coming To Adelaide


Remember the days at Wiggly Worms when you’d cannonball straight into a ball pit when you thought your mum wasn’t looking and ultimately get told off in front of all of your friends? Well, say goodbye to parental supervision with an adult only ball pit party coming to Adelaide next year!

The Ball Pit Party is bringing a casual one million balls to bars around the country. However, this a little different to Wiggly Worms, at Ball Pit Party you can sip on a delicious cocktail whilst gleefully swimming through the 200,000 LED illuminated balls. The music provided by a DJ will supposedly even sync in time with the LED balls…now they’re really stepping the ball pit game up!

No details on location or dates have been announced yet, but you can sign up for pre-release and be the first to hear the goss here.


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