Adelaide’s Own Black Mirror-esque Live Performance


If you are a fan of the TV series Black Mirror then you should be interested in Rebecca Meston’s live performance If You Can Learn To Fake Authenticity You’ve Got It Made. The performance explores what life is really like behind the smiling face of your online persona. The show asks its audience, on the other side of the glass, what does authentic even look like in this brave new world, and if it was given to you, could you handle it?

If You Can Learn To Fake Authenticity You’ve Got It Made asks us whether we lie when we’re online. But, more importantly, it asks us how much do we believe what others tell us? The performance will be held in the shop-front window of FELTspace Gallery on Friday, 25 May and 1 June.

Conceived and written by Rebecca Meston, in collaboration with Meg Wilson, Hew Parham and Natalia Sledz, the story will incorporate durational performance, dance, fantasy sequences, stories of loneliness and our innate, animal desire to connect. “Everyone from your best friend or that acquaintance of eight years ago, to celebrities, big corporations, not-for-profits, brands, your mortgage broker, Malcolm Turnbull, are wanting you to believe just how real they are, how personable, reachable, human,” Rebecca explains. “Are you so used to the lies and the performance of truth and hashtag blessed, that you don’t even know or care anymore what’s real and what’s a total fabrication? You just scroll on by?”

This story will be told via a durational, three-hour performance. Over that period the characters will start descending: cracks will appear, fabrication will become more and more grotesque, clown-like, but also Black Mirror-esque. They say that you are welcome to come for 3 minutes, or 3 hours, be a voyeur or a stalker. Because the work has been made precisely for the right here, right now.

When: Friday, 25 May and Friday, 1 June 7 – 10pm
Where: FELTspace Gallery 12 Compton St, Adelaide
Cost: Free Event
For more details head here.


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