Adelaide’s Mayfair Hotel Has Won The Best Bed In Australia


If you’ve ever stayed at The Mayfair Hotel, you’ll be well aware of their ridiculously comfortable mattresses. We’re not the only ones that think so, either. Adelaide’s Mayfair Hotel has won the best hotel beds in Australia, according to the Gourmet Traveller 2018 Australian Hotel Awards, announced just this morning.

The Mayfair Hotel beds are custom-made exclusively for the hotel by South Australian manufacturer, AH Beard. For the ultimate comfort of their guests, the hotel’s owner tried 30 beds before commissioning the ‘Mayfair Luxury Mattress’. 

It’s no surprise they won the ‘Best Bed’ category in the prestigious Gourmet Traveller Awards. 

Because their beds are proudly made locally is an added bonus because you can buy one for yourself!! We’ve tested their beds, safe to say we and any guests will vouch for their level of comfort.  In fact, the Gourmet Traveller reviewer liked the mattress so much during her stay at the hotel that she ordered one for herself.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an overnight stay at The Mayfair Hotel or get yourself Australia’s most comfortable bed here.


One Of The Best Hotel Beds In Australia Is Right Here In Adelaide


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