Adelaide Zoo’s Newest Arrivals Will Make Your Day


Look, Mondays are rough. We’re right there with you. But stop what you’re doing – the zoo gods have shone down on us and given us something to lose our collective minds over.

Adelaide Zoo has welcomed five ridiculously adorable meerkat pups.

The five pups were actually born back on August 12 to parents Miney and Swazi. They spent their first few weeks of life in the privacy of their burrow being closely looked after by mum and dad, but now they’re on full public display to turn us all to mush.

Now at almost one month old, the youngsters are beginning to venture out of the den to enjoy some spring sunshine and explore their home.

Adelaide Zoo Keeper Jeremy Glass said the new additions were settling in well under the watchful eye of their parents and the rest of the meerkat mob.

“The babies are growing up beautifully, Miney and Swanzi are doing an excellent job taking turns swapping between tending to the pups and at sentry duty guarding the burrow,” Jeremy said.

“While the pups are still incredibly tiny they are starting to get more adventurous out of the burrow to enjoy the sun.”

Visitors to Adelaide Zoo can start to see the pups in their habitat in front of the giraffe for short periods each day, as they grow in confidence and start to explore the outside world.

Jeremy said you’re most likely to catch a glimpse of them first thing in the morning or when the sun is shining. You don’t have to tell us twice.


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