Adelaide Has An Inflatable Pub For Hire. This Is Not A Drill.


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, an inflatable pub company pops up and reminds you that there’s always room for new ways to party.

Why go to the pub when it can be brought to you! Enjoy the comforts of a pub from your back yard or garden.

Inflatapub is an Adelaide business that’s been around since late 2017, which offers 2 different sized pubs for hire. The larger one (pictured at the top) is 8m x 5m x 5m and inflates to full size in just 5 minutes. The smaller one (pictured above) inflates just as quickly.

Move over jumping castles, inflatable pubs look like the best inflatable fun we’ve seen for adults!

And what’s the inside like? The fun theming carries through, with a fireplace and rows of party lights, and plenty of room for a bar.

For more info hit up their Facebook page here. 


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