Adelaide Guitar Festival Review: Pedro Javier Gonzalez with Chrystian Dozza


Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre
Reviewed 10 August 2018

A classical guitar masterclass spanning subgenres, from minimal Brazilian rock to traditional Flamenco melodies, this show provides an up-beat guitar performance that will have you mesmerised from start to finish.

Brazilian guitarist and rising star, Chrystian Dozza, opens the show with a genre he refers to as Minimal Rock, building the (sold-out) audience’s energy for a spectacular guitar show that covers both South American and Spanish music. Dozza, similarly to Ukrainian guitarist (who is also performing at this year’s festival) Marko Topchii, is emotionally entwined with his guitar playing, following the music with his entire body. While the melody lulls, Dozza sways gently with his eyes closed, but, as the music rises and the beat becomes faster his foot begins to tap out a beat as he leans forward with a focussed frown upon his face.

Barcelonan-bred, Pedro Javier Gonzalez, is truly a master of the guitar, mesmerising the audience with his passionate and unparalleled precision. His fingers race across the strings with apparent ease as Gonzalez appears relaxed, sitting cross-legged with a calm look upon his face. His fingers move with the speed of a gazelle across the strings creating notes so fast that they melt together, blending into a smooth composition of enticing Spanish sounds.

His fiery Flamenco pieces are an absolute show-stealer, creating almost a turbulent and passionate love story with all its ups and downs merely through the notes from his guitar. The spontaneity of bold notes catch you by surprise, while the delicate lull of others provide almost a meditative experience.

A welcome surprise is the addition of Flamenco Areti joining Gonzalez on stage to provide an authentic and dramatic Flamenco experience. The master-guitarist is more than happy to sit back and let the elegant Flamenco dancers steal the spotlight as they twirl around the stage, leaving hypnotised audience members in their wake.

Gonzalez is a guitarist like no other and, combined with the support of talented up-and-comer Dozza and the beauty and elegance of Flamenco Areti, provides a one-of-a-kind musical experience.

Reviewed by Georgina Smerd
Twitter: @Georgie_xox

One night only – season ended



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