5 Pro Style Tips For Your Special Day


Let’s get real, guys. Weddings are hard work. Everyone obviously wants their special day to be perfect, and getting that ideal look that you want can often be difficult on top of all the other things to be organised before the big day. Here to make things easier on you and your fiancé are five awesome style tips to make your wedding venue stand out!

Filament Bulbs Can Light Up Any Outdoor Area

Having an outdoor area for the reception is a great idea. It provides guests with a more casual setting than the dinner. While picturesque, these outdoor spaces at weddings can be a little dull. Filament bulb string lights instantly lend a classy vibe to these spaces, and provide some much needed illumination for the later hours of the night!

Marquee? What Marquee?

Marquees large enough to hold an entire wedding’s worth of guests generally aren’t that pretty. Installing chiffon draping will disguise those boring plastic ceiling and walls and lend a graceful beauty to your reception.

You Can Never Have Too Many Fairy Lights

Seriously, these little guys are like the duct tape of wedding planning — they hold everything together.

Chandeliers Will Always Be Romantic

Do we honestly even need to explain this? Chandeliers have a nobility and grace that throws literal and figurative shade on other lighting.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative

No one knows what you like better than yourself (and hopefully your fiancé!). If you have an out-there idea for your big day, just go for it! There’s no ‘one’ look for a wedding, so don’t feel discouraged from doing things a little different!

If you’re overwhelmed by styling decisions for your wedding, Venue Productions provide a range of event styling solutions that will ensure that your special day looks spectacular as well. Get in touch through their website or on facebook.


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